Division Defender: New Age Aliens

Division Defender: New Age Aliens

By Flying Leaf Games, Inc.

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  • Release Date: Jun. 17, 2014
  • Language: English


Division Defender: New Age Aliens casts you as the sole defender of a spaceship that is under attack by Aliens rebel ships! Luckily, they have one weakness: the math equations displayed on them! Think quickly and solve their equations to push them back and defend your base as a soundtrack of New Age enhances the drama.

As you progress, the ships start coming fast and furious, until only the nimblest of minds can stand against them! How long can YOU hold out?

The fast-paced intergalactic excitement isn’t the only reason to play, though! With each correctly entered equation, you’re increasing not only your high score, but your mathematical ability.

And that, my friend, makes you a REAL winner.

NOTE: Music can only stream if you have an Internet connection and are in the United States.

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